Meet the backbone of Abilene, TX! Dyess Air Force Base is not only the pride of surrounding residents but a major contributor to the economic prosperity of the area. With $450 million poured back into the local economy annually by Dyess personnel, the base is a positive and important influence on all residents regardless of their military affiliation. Given the current demand for natural resources prevalent in the area, combined with the strong defense community, Abilene and Texas as a whole are experiencing a strong economic resurgence.

The Dyess AFB Guide Online is an exclusive, full-color virtual publication designed to be the FIRST information source to reach incoming military personnel, as well as a daily-use resource for active duty, civil service, DoD contractor, retiree and dependent personnel in and around the Dyess community. With the ability to link your website, social media site(s), YouTube video, QR codes, etc, the Dyess Guide Online is the perfect way to inform incoming personnel and families about YOUR pro-military business.

In this section, base personnel can find critical information for Dyess AFB, including DOD & DSN numbers, organizational listings and wing unit numbers, making it a valuable tool for base personnel 365 days a year.

A virtual map of Dyess AFB, including gates and base housing. Exclusive advertising space is available in this high-traffic section.

The must-read section for personnel and families with orders to PCS to Dyess, this section features great information on the base’s history, what to do when you arrive, housing, education, health care, family support, recreation and the surrounding community.

This section provides the unique opportunity for military-friendly businesses to advertise and distinguish themselves amongst this profitable market. Full-color ads are beautifully and prominently displayed in order to best showcase your products, services, and support. With trackable results and analytic reports, it is the ideal way to market your business.